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  • Ryan Giles

Are you "EOS 100% Strong"?

It's not "Are you using EOS?"

It's "How well are you using EOS?"

To be 100% EOS Strong, you must:

  1. Update your VTO quarterly and use it to make decisions.

  2. Update your Accountability Chart quarterly and make it visible to your team.

  3. All teams have and use an EFFECTIVE scorecard that's updated weekly.

  4. Every employee in a L10 meeting.

  5. Rocks at the company level (leadership team) and the department level.

  6. Have quarterly conversations (5-5-5s) with your direct reports.

  7. All core processes documented and followed.

  8. Take regular clarity breaks.

  9. Keep the company up-to-speed with a quarterly "State of the Company" meeting.

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