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  • Ryan Giles

Be The Oil

What's the role of an integrator?

As a business owner, you wear many hats.  Personally, I've been a janitor, bookkeeper, sales person, marketing coordinator, engineer, CEO, and HR admin in my various businesses.  As your business grows, hopefully you're not still working in all of these areas (call me to discuss "delegate and elevate" if you are).  If you're like me, you may have found your place as the Integrator in your organization.  

While I was an Integrator, I enjoyed the paradox of getting into the weeds and getting my hands dirty while also developing leaders so I wouldn't have to do these things as often (working "on" the business vs working "in" the business).  As an EOS Implementer, I enjoy working with leadership teams, and especially Integrators, to help their companies reach their full potential.  Along the journey, I'm often asked about the role of an Integrator.  

In my opinion, the role of the Integrator is to be:

1. The oil that keeps the cogs moving smoothly

2. The obstacle remover

3. The devil's advocate

4. Responsible for achieving the business plan

5. Responsible for LMA (leading, managing, and holding others accountable)

6. Uncomfortable for the good of the company

For me, #6 was the hardest.  It's up to the Integrator to say what needs to be said, be awkward when necessary, and never back down from a good decision just because it may be difficult.  One of my mentors expressed it best when he said you can't be afraid to be the "gentle jerk."

If you're struggling to scale your business, schedule your free 90-minute meeting to discuss EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System™) and the role of the Integrator in your business.


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