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  • Ryan Giles

Great Integrators Say...

Phrases That Great Integrators Use

  1. What does “Done” look like?

  2. What do you need?

  3. Let’s drop that down!

  4. That sounds like another issue to me…let’s add that to the issues list.

  5. What do you need from us?

  6. To help identify an issue: a. Who is setting it up? b. Who are you talking to? c. What do you need?

  7. What does the data show?

  8. Is that a Core Values violation?

  9. Do we have a people issue? Everyone get out the people analyzer.

  10. In two sentences, set up the issue.

  11. OK. So let me recap the issue.

  12. Silence means we all agree. So, are we solved?

  13. Do you have everything you need from us to make that happen?

  14. So what I heard you say is…

  15. (Name), you’ve been silent. What do you think?

  16. To start a L10 meeting, right on time, say “OK everyone, good news, who wants to start?”

  17. To start solving issues, and open the floor to calling out issues, say “OK everyone, time to solve issues. Who has number one?”

  18. When people say “I don’t know,” respond with “What do you need that will help you know? What piece of information is missing?”


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