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  • Ryan Giles

Hey Taco!


If you’re using EOS® to run your business, your meeting rhythm will keep all employees up-to-date on company information.  And as you get the right people in the right seats, you’re most likely seeing camaraderie and morale improve.  To foster better communication within teams, I’ve seen many teams begin using group messaging applications such as Microsoft Lync, GroupMe, or Slack.  As of this writing, Slack is the clear leader in this category.  With Slack, your teams can chat on their computers, tablets, and smartphones.  Team members can communicate with all members of the team at once, with a sub-group of the team, or with individual team members (in private channels).  Because Slack is growing in popularity, other software companies have begun writing supplemental software which integrates with Slack.  One such company is Hey Taco!

Hey Taco!

With Hey Taco!, your team members can recognize any other team member for doing a good job by posting a group message and attaching a “taco” icon to the end of the message.  The Hey Taco! software keeps tabs on how many tacos each employee has received via a leaderboard.  When employees hit certain taco milestones, rewards are received.

If you’re looking for a tool to increase your team’s communication, boost teammate-to-teammate recognition, and have fun at the same time, take a look at Slack and Hey Taco!

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