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  • Ryan Giles

I Need...To IDS

Solve Your Issues Better and Faster

Do you struggle to efficiently and effectively solve issues during your weekly leadership team meetings? Here’s a tip to help…

When you get ready to solve an issue, ask what we really need. The answer will always be one of the following:

I Need:

  1. A decision - I’m presenting information, and I need us to make a decision today.

  2. Information - I’m presenting an issue, and I need additional information before I can move forward or make a decision.

  3. Feedback - I need input from the team on the progress of an existing course of action that we’ve taken.

  4. Commitment - I’m asking for buy-in on a decision we’ve already made.

  5. To Tell You Something - A decision has been made or action taken. I’m simply telling you something.

Get clear on what you need, and you’ll find your issues-solving sessions will improve.

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