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  • Ryan Giles

Say It Again, Sam

During Vision Building™ Day 2, we begin the day with a recap of our Focus Day™ Tools and the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™) work we’ve completed thus far. This means that clients are hearing some of this information for the third time.  During the recap, it’s common for at least one leadership team member to comment on the tool review and ask if it is really needed.  It’s also common for a member of the same team to ask me to review the information again (with more detail).  This proves the EOS® adage that “you have to say it seven times to be heard for the first time.”  While some team members will pick it up the first time you say it, others will not.  Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself!

Years ago, when I was the Integrator in one of my businesses, I followed this rule and started each “all-hands” meeting with our Core Value speech and Core Focus™.  After 14 meetings, one of my best employees asked me a clarifying question about our third core value.  After many meetings over many months, it finally “clicked” for him. 

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself!

- My favorite new joke -

"What did one EOS implementer say to the other EOS implementer?

I don’t know, but he said it seven times."


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