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  • Ryan Giles

Should I Wait?

I arrived early for the team’s 90-minute meeting.  I was excited about meeting a new team, and they were excited to learn more about EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®).  The meeting went great, and it was clear that EOS® could help them solve their people and process issues while taking the company to the next level.  A few days later, the CEO and I followed-up, and she stated that the team unanimously wanted to move forward with EOS®, but they wanted to wait a few months until they resolved a few key people issues and had the correct leadership team in place. 

It’s surprising, but I’ve heard this before.  Teams want to resolve some problem, win a new contract, or add a new person before beginning their EOS® journey.  This is like waiting until you’re healthy to go to a doctor…or waiting until your car stops making that funny “clanking” sound before taking it to the mechanic.  EOS® is designed to help solve problems.  I’ve seen companies improve their decision-making and predicting abilities 75% using EOS®.  I’ve seen hiring improvements of 25-50% using the People Analyzer™ (Core Values and GWC™).  I’ve seen companies with no clear vision get crystal clear on the future direction of the business.  Whatever your problem, EOS® can help you solve it.

If you’re thinking that EOS® could be right for you, jump in and get started now.  Like the old Chinese proverb says,“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second-best time is today.” 

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