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  • Ryan Giles

The 40 Hour Work Year - Book Review

I love process.  I think that's why I like this book so much.  

Like many of us, Scott Fritz's entrepreneurial dreams didn't exactly go as he planned.  He was successful, but his business was clearly running him.  That all changed when he sat down and made a quality decision to change his personal philosophy.  His new mantra would be:

1. Enjoy Life

2. Make Money

3. Do Deals

By giving himself permission to live his life, he started looking for ways to delegate and elevate (as we say in EOS), or as Scott put it, he started to become a passive investor in his own business. 

Scott's journey to liberation shares many of the same steps that businesses go through on their way to EOS mastery.  

1. Vision

2. Goals and prioritization

3. Process, Process, Process

We highly recommend this book and give it4.5 out of 5 stars!


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