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  • Ryan Giles

The Big "A"


Is your team crushing Rocks and To-Dos? The difference between average companies and great companies is discipline and execution. 90% of companies can build a great plan (Rocks) and discuss issues beautifully. The difference between success and failure boils down to execution of your Rocks and To-Dos. The ability to be accountable for our successes and failures is a huge step towards higher execution. A few of my favorite accountability tips to help you on your way:

1. Set Rocks well - Make them SMART. This is your chance to weigh-in on the Rocks…so take the opportunity to be vocal. Remember “weigh-in equals buy-in,” so don’t “assign” Rocks…create them as a team. Ask “why” when setting each Rock. Is this one of the most important things? Will it help us achieve our long-term goals? As a SMART bullet to the Rock, include team updates/check-ins if necessary. Give each SMART bullet a due date if you’re struggling to get things done on time. Look at the SMART steps each week when reporting on Rocks during the L10 meeting.

2. Rock block. Set aside time each week to work on your Rocks and To-dos. Put this time on your calendar. Plan your days/week ahead (schedule the week in advance…don’t wait until Monday morning). If you’re struggling with this, make “Rock Blocks” an item on your scorecard!

3. LMA - Accountability is the job of Integrator. When Rocks are off-track, address them quickly. One of the Integrator’s numbers is 80% Rock completion. On good teams, the Integrator holds everyone accountable. On great teams, the entire team holds each other accountable. As goes the Visionary and Integrator, so goes the rest of the leadership team. As goes the leadership team, so goes the rest of the company.

4. Report on Rocks and To-dos in L10 meetings each week. Be honest…when reporting AND when giving feedback. Don’t let each other off the hook. If you don’t hold each other accountable, no one will!

5. Report on past and current Rocks at the quarterly all-hands meeting (State of the Company). You are an example…whether you like it or not.

6. 5-5-5s Are you having a 5-5-5 with each direct report each quarter? This is a great time to discuss Rock and To-do completion.

7. Accountability Partner. If needed, find an accountability partner.

8. Don’t have enough time? Delegate and Elevate!

9. Strike! If someone isn’t getting their job done (i.e. Rocks and To-dos), you have to coach them up or coach them out. Good news, most people are coachable. This is your job! Rocks and To-dos are your JOB! Can’t have accountability without consequences.

10. Are you truly committed…bought into EOS? If not, you’ll always find an excuse to miss a Rock or To-do.

The goal is at least 90% of To-Dos completed each week and at least 80% of Rock completion each quarter. You can do this!


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