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  • Ryan Giles

Top 7 Reasons Why EOS® Creates Instant Traction For Businesses

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, is an operating system for your business.  It is designed to help you get what you want from your business.  I have clients who are looking for a more predictable business with minimal revenue or profit growth…and EOS® is how they are achieving the results they want.  I have clients who want to improve their culture while doubling their revenue and profit in the next 12 months…and EOS® is helping them achieve the results they want.  Whatever you want from your business, EOS® is the system to take you there.

1.       Vision – There’s something powerful about getting every single person in your business rowing in the same direction.  When everyone from the CEO to the janitor to the technician to the receptionist is using their brainpower to work towards a common vision, you will get there faster.  In fact, one of my clients, who set a series of audacious 3-year goals, rallied the troops and got everyone crystal clear on where they were going.  They achieved their 3-year goals in 15 months!

2.       People – 82% of businesses who start using EOS® complain of people issues.  In my own business, I started the EOS® process with seven wrong people/wrong seat.  You’ll never have enough time, develop a great culture, or hit your full potential like this.  Imagine your best employee…now imagine an entire office full of great employees like this.  Using the People Analyzer™ tool and having quarterly 5-5-5™ conversations with employees will help you get the right people in the right seats. 

3.       Data – We use data to remove the excuses.  The numbers don’t lie.  Your scorecard will give you a true pulse on your business so you can manage the day-to-day.

4.       Issues – Issue solving is all about encouraging your team to bring issues into the light so the entire organization can work to solve them.  Nothing empowers your team more.  You’ll see results the first day you start to use EOS® and the issue solving track.

5.       Process – Do you want a more predictable, more profitable, more scalable, more fun business (that’s right, I said “fun”)?  These results are possible when you define your company’s “way” of doing business and get these processes “followed by all.”

6.       Traction® – This is where the rubber meets the road.  Discipline, execution, accountability…it’s here.  Everyone in your organization gets involved as they participate in weekly meetings and have quarterly “rocks” to help the team accomplish the big goals. 

7.       Pulling it all together – Implementing a single EOS® tool will lead to better results in your business.  However, the true power of EOS® lies in mastering all of the EOS® tools (there are more than 20) and getting every single employee involved.

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