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  • Ryan Giles

Traction Software?

When I'm in EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) sessions with clients, one of our ground rules is always "minimum technology."  As a former technology guy, this was always difficult for me when I ran my own companies on EOS®.  I've tried projectors and big-screen TVs with Excel spreadsheets, websites, and even web cameras.  However, the meetings proved to be more interactive, more focused, and more productive when we used old-fashioned paper and white boards.  For this reason, I ran my weekly L10 meetings using a simple spreadsheet that we would print and staple for each team member before each L10 meeting (see below to download this template).

Over the past few years, more and more clients have asked about technology tools to help them as they deploy EOS® throughout their companies and run their weekly L10 meetings.  I must admit, two web apps are now available which do a pretty good job of helping in these areas.

My Traction Tools - This is the older of the web tools available for EOS® companies and offers a more polished web experience.  It is full-featured and even allows users to text directly into the program.  Learn more here. This is the second EOS® web tool and offers a nice interface for running your L10s.  It has many great features, and depending on the size of your team, may be the less expensive option.  Learn morehere.

Personally, I have used both programs and they both have strengths and weaknesses.  If you'd like to learn more, I encourage you to test both My Traction Tools and

BrightGauge- If you're a technology company looking for help automating your scorecard numbers and rocks, check outBrightGauge.  This software saved my old leadership team countless hours as we prepared for our weekly meetings (and also as we ran our service department).


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