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  • Ryan Giles

Why Hire A Pro?

Gino's book Traction may be my favorite business book of all time.  It literally changed my business and my life.  I feel so strongly about it that I now spend my days helping other leaders gain traction through implementing EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®) in their own businesses.

When it comes to implementing EOS® in your business, some companies have found success by simply reading the book and putting these EOS® tools and ideas to work for them.  Other companies have found success hiring a friend, relative, or trusted business advisor to help them implement EOS® (we call these "EOS Implementers").  Often times, they are life coaches, sales consultants, or others who are fans of EOS®.  While "EOS Implementers" haven't been through the same rigorous training and don't participate in the Implementer community, they can bring value to your business. 

However, if you want to go farther, faster, consider hiring a Professional/Certified EOS Implementer.  These are the only implementers who have been through a rigorous EOS® training program, participate in weekly and quarterly continuing education events, and must maintain a minimum quality rating.  These are also the only implementers listed on the EOS WorldWide website.

This year marks my 5th anniversary in the EOS world.  Before becoming a Professional Implementer, I was an Implementer.  I can honestly say that I developed and sharpened my implementation skills more in my first year as a Professional Implementer than in all of my previous years combined.  Having access to the EOS Worldwide staff/network, participating in an accountability group, joining in weekly coaching calls, and meeting in-person every quarter gives me the opportunity to "sharpen the saw" and provide maximum value to my clients.


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